Contact & Commissions

Please read info below before applying

Are you interested in commissioning a custom piece of pottery? Please read the commission information below and contact us using the contact form above <3


You can currently commission planters, mugs, bowls, hanging planters, watering cans and teapots Commissions are open to any country I currently ship ceramics to.

Payments are made through my shop in the commission payments section and can be financed in multiple blocks depending on your quote

Please contact me of a detailed outline of the design you are looking for (type of pottery piece, general shape, color, speckled or not, other designs or glazing details, etc.) and I will provide you with quote!

Commissions take 6-10 weeks depending on firing schedules and level of intricacy. I do not replicate pieces I have previously made normally and commissioning is the only opportunity to have a piece made that you have seen on my instagram or that has previously sold.

Please let me know if you have any other questions in your email! Commissions are a big part of what lets me do what I love and I always appreciate the support <3 :D